The post-conference workshops offer dozens of in-depth sessions led by our expert education specialists and business consultants. These educational workshops range from 101 product sessions for beginners to expert-level and "Beat the Expert" sessions for advanced users. The sessions will explore various business readiness topics to help you extract the most from your NICE solution. You'll gain in-depth knowledge and learn helpful tips and best practices focused on:
  • Recording
  • Quality Optimization
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Real-Time Solutions
Below are some sample sessions:
Workforce Management - Build a Center Attend this workshop for an A to Z hands-on tour of NICE IEX Workforce Management version 6.  You’ll follow a scripted contact center profile to define entities, forecast parameters, schedule parameters, and more – from basic to advanced features.
Form Designer Workshop 101 New to Form Designer? This hands-on workshop will teach you the fundamentals of creating forms in the NICE Quality Optimization solution. If you need to get started with developing quality forms, join us at this workshop to get all the knowledge you need!
Interaction Analytics 201 Your NICE Interaction Analytics categories are all set up and running; what now? In this session you will learn how to extract insight from results, create advanced analytics queries in the Business Analyzer to discover just the right interactions, define analytics-based quality plans to enhance you quality process, and effectively use analytics dashboards.
Performance Management 201:  Coaching the Coach This workshop will enhance your knowledge of NICE Performance Management Coaching practices. It will introduce a five-stage process for assessing your current coaching practices, increasing organizational focus on coaching activity, and improving the effectiveness of coaching sessions delivered to the front-line. Come and learn how your organization can use both online and in-person assessment and intervention techniques to get this critical performance management process improved.
Beat the Experts on Quality Management Our panel of Quality Management experts, Business Consultants and Education Specialists, will discuss quality management challenges and offer helpful suggestions to assist you with solving pressing issues. You can also learn from other users so bring your questions – we’re ready!
  • Alliance Data Systems
  • American Airlines
  • eBay Enterprise
  • GoDaddy
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nationwide
  • PayPal
  • Ricoh
  • Sprint
  • Starwood
  • The Home Depot
  • Virgin Media